Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
OnSight robot operating in a California solar field through rough vegetation

Pioneering A New Era for Solar Energy

OnSight Technology is no ordinary tech company; it’s a catalyst for change in the photovoltaic (PV) solar sector. With a successful Seed round behind them, the firm is ramping up efforts to fully utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in streamlining and optimizing solar energy operations. Their revolutionary initiatives are set to make solar energy not just a renewable resource, but an intelligent one.

Strategic Investments Fuel Growth and Innovation

The Seed funding round, spearheaded by Moneta Ventures, and bolstered by Staubli and other key players, is a ringing endorsement of OnSight’s vision. These strategic partnerships aren’t just about funds; they’re about expertise, networking, and enabling sustainable growth. Moneta Ventures aims to help guide the company toward becoming an industry leader, providing valuable resources and networking opportunities. Meanwhile, Staubli’s role as a strategic investor and board member indicates a deep, symbiotic relationship that will empower both entities.

Changing the Game in Utility Solar Maintenance

One of the most enticing aspects of OnSight’s technology is its potential to dramatically reduce costs in commissioning and maintenance, areas that have long been considered pain points in the solar industry. Robots equipped with cutting-edge AI and computer vision will conduct data capture beneath solar panels, an area where most equipment failures occur. This groundbreaking approach not only reduces costs but also increases operational efficiency, accuracy, and asset performance.

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