Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Embracing Renewable Energy for a Cause

Denver’s St. Francis Center (SFC) has taken a transformative step towards sustainability and community upliftment. Collaborating with Everybody Solar and ARE Solar, the center has inaugurated a 26.24-kW solar array at the Warren Residences. This initiative goes beyond merely reducing energy bills; it represents a conscientious move to diminish the center’s carbon footprint, contributing to a greener Denver.

Training the Homeless: A Leap Toward Sustainable Employment

In tandem with the solar installation, the project spotlights a profound commitment: offering vocational training for Denver’s homeless community. The SFC’s underlying goal? Equipping these individuals with marketable skills to facilitate their transition from homelessness.

During the initial phase, two trainees underwent solar industry training. One of them successfully ventured into a full-time role with ARE Solar. Such success stories not only illuminate the potential of the program but also stress the importance of careful candidate evaluation, ensuring both skill acquisition and safety.

Nancy Burke, SFC’s executive director, encapsulates the project’s essence, “Partnering with Everybody Solar and ARE Solar enhances our twin objectives of environmental conservation and providing skill-building opportunities to the homeless.”

The Larger Picture: Addressing Denver’s Homelessness Crisis

Homelessness in Denver isn’t a stand-alone issue; it intertwines with high rents, limited job opportunities, and mental health challenges. The recent COVID-19 crisis has further intensified these factors, swelling the need for innovative, compassionate solutions.

With over 9,000 unique guests in 2022, St. Francis Center remains a beacon of hope. This solar initiative, especially its renewable energy workforce program in collaboration with ARE Solar, presents an actionable path to alleviate the homelessness challenge. As Myriam Scally, Everybody Solar’s executive director, rightly puts it, “This project embodies a holistic impact on individuals, the Denver community, and the environment.”

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